At the heart of Vegetarian & Vegan

We are passionate about delivering tasty, satisfying meals. Our value system includes putting quality and food safety first. Our protein products transform a meal into a flavorsome and gratifying moment.


Healthy, sustainable and responsible: these are our core values. Our human resource practices reflect our commitment to the environment and to animal welfare. The ingredients we use are true to this commitment and this is something you can really taste.


Continuous innovation and improvement are of great importance to us. We collaborate with our customers to develop new, imaginative protein products and wonderful food concepts. This is an ongoing process, leading to new and improved ideas. It is also key to our enduring dominant position in our market.


At the heart of Vegetarian & Vegan

45 years of Dalco. Proud together.

Partnership, sustainability, animal welfare, quality, curiosity and good human resource practices is what drives us.

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Our favourite dishes

Dalco specializes in the manufacturing of vegetarian and vegan products. Varying from ingredients to complement a meal to delicious finger foods, we create products that suit your market.

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Innovating together

We develop innovative products in partnership with our customers. Delicious vegetarian and vegan products. Explore our possibilities.

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Discover our possibilities.

Dalco is specialist in both vegetarian and vegan products. Varying from additive ingredients to - for example - delicious finger food: together we create products that suit your market.

Curious about the products we make? Please contact us.

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