We make meals delicious, honest and fascinating.

Founded in 1975 as a butcher’s shop in the Centre of Oss, Dalco evolved into a specialist in the production of meat substitutes – both vegetarian and vegan – and meat products. Every day, we are excited to be working for – and with – you. This motivates us to develop and produce your delicious meal components. In 2016 we opened an additional production location in Oosterhout 100% vegetarian and vegan, enabling us to supply you with an even better range of surprising meat free protein products.

We believe it is important to be honest and approachable and we encourage friendly and informal relationships with our customers. This promotes open and honest relationships that are the cornerstone of long-term cooperation.


Dalco since 1975


Developments in the industry are moving increasingly fast. In order to respond directly to these, our people are trained to move and act quickly. Short lines, open communication and transparent procedures – both internal and external – make this possible. The numerous specialists within Dalco each have their own expertise, all contributing together towards maintaining quality and assuring the best service.

Of course we take your wishes into account during product development, but also those of the end consumer. For example, will the consumer use the product immediately or should it first be cooked? We provide you with semi-finished products so it still tastes delicious after additional cooking. Of course, in all that we do, we comply with the internationally applicable laws and regulations. So, together we can ensure a delicious meal on the consumer’s plate.



Innovation is in our genes. Our passion is to apply this drive to your advantage. With all the products we make, we ask ourselves: how can we make it even better and tastier? We are continuously working on improvement. Do you have new ideas? We welcome them with open arms. Together, we can transform your wishes into something new and better. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machine park, we have an unprecedented ability to produce any mealtime product. We are all about pushing the boundaries, about looking further than what is considered to be possible, with surprising products as a result.

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