We make meals delicious, honest and fascinating.

The best product with a specific approach for each market

The right product for every meal

Every market requires its own approach. Dalco feels at home in various industries, but we focus specifically on food service and food industry. Due to our many years of experience, we know the specific needs and requirements of different markets. You will benefit from this experience: in co-operation with you we can create products that suit you and your customers perfectly.

Markten waarin Dalco Food zich begeeft

Food service

Responding to different meals throughout the day is of great importance for food service. With you, we explore what’s involved when people eat out of home. With co-creation we add value. We modify existing products or develop new ones, so they answer to your needs and those of the consumer. In addition, we have standard products to which your own signature can easily be added. This offers marvellous solutions, also in pubs.


Make your ideas reality

Food industry

Dalco supplies protein products to the food industry. During the production of semi-finished products, we take the final application of the food into account. We work in such a way as to guarantee you a unique concept. If necessary, we adjust and augment our machinery to make the products you require. In developing meat substitute and meat products, our R&D capability examines and verifies the feasibility. This enables flexible production processes, so we can always anticipate upon your needs.


Develop your protein product with Dalco


In the retail business, short time-to-market spans and high delivery reliability are of the essence. You can fully trust Dalco in this regard. We are accessible, affordable and fair. In addition, we aim to improve and progress in line with market requirements. For example, we are always looking for ways to reduce the salt percentage or ways to reduce cooking time for oven dishes. As such, we respond to trends and we create added value: for you and your customers.


Increase your added value

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