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Dalco is a specialist in making delicious vegetarian and vegan products

For our clients, we apply our expertise in various products and divergent markets. On top of our standard range, we continuously develop new products on demand. More often in full cooperation.


I have a product idea

Product development and co-creation

Just like you, Dalco strives to develop new products that are innovative and different, countering food wastage and improving the taste experience. Do you have an idea? Fine, we will get to work together. We are constantly eager to inspire and challenge you, with a view to optimizing the connection between product and market.

We enjoy developing innovative protein products in cooperation with you. As an example: you may request the development of a particular product or ingredient. We then engage with you to develop the right strategy and direction. The next step is to come up with a product concept that does justice to the request. As such, we develop new applications for existing production processes, thus countering unnecessary food wastage.

We aim to anticipate what is happening in the market. This includes an analysis of your present products and market positioning. We take your wishes into account, but also advise on what can be improved upon or done differently. We do so in all honesty and sincerity, aiming to create a delicious and surprising product together. You are invited to challenge us.


Getting started with Dalco

Everywhere at home in vegetarian and vegan

You will find Dalco in a variety of markets. Food service, retail and food industry are sectors in which many of our customers can be found. But Dalco products can excel beyond these boundaries. And we are constantly developing new ideas aimed at increasing the range of vegetarian and vegan products. Our suppliers are important here, from raw material supplier to machine supplier. In cooperation, we will ascertain the best possible meat alternative for your product. No matter how off-the-board your idea, we will work to make it possible.


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We are curious about your idea

Discover our possibilities.

Dalco is specialist in both vegetarian and vegan products. Varying from additive ingredients to - for example - delicious finger food: together we create products that suit your market.

Curious about the products we make? Please contact us.

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