At the heart of Vegetarian & Vegan

Dalco has a wide range of production options.

Our product selection contains a range of standard offerings. Products that have been favorites for years and that can be tailored to your needs upon request. Dalco stands for continuous innovation: in our state-of-the-art machine park, in our standard products and in our applications. We are continually extending our product range. With different weights and shapes, but also with alternative cuttings and with new and surprising fillings. We prepare our famous meatballs, cutlets and burgers in standard fashion or with an original ‘twist’. We also have a variety of ways to prepare steaks, rashers and sticks. You will find a number of examples of our possibilities below.

Centre of the plate

The consumers' need to combine comfort with quality can be tended to with meal components. After a long working day, more and more people want a tasty and at the same time healthy meal on the table as quickly as possible. All meal components that Dalco develops together with you are ready for serving within 15 minutes. This is possible with a low salt content, no or a limited number of E-numbers and with a pleasant bite and taste.


Small and tasty snacks for special occasions such as a reception or food truck festival: Dalco makes them. Snacks that can be eaten with the hand: finger licking good. Our finger foods are of the highest quality. With their beautiful presentation, they fit into every classy occasion or even as a first course for dinner. We engage with you to develop and improve your appetizers. And we are constantly searching for new types of finger foods, both vegetarian and vegan.


Easy to prepare and quickly put on the table: Dalco snacks are ideal for an evening on the couch or at a party. We can manufacture tailor-made solutions at your request. For use at home and for the hospitality industry, Dalco produces snacks and ingredients of the highest quality. Our snacks are suitable for the air fryer, deep fryer, oven or for frying in the pan. We enable you to respond to the latest trends and the changing needs of the consumer.


Dalco is your partner in the food industry. We deliver ingredients to many companies in the industry to make your food products as tasty as possible. From balls for in a sauce to fillings for special sandwiches: Dalco develops and produces it all. With skills such as cooking, coating and filling we are able to meet your every request. We use our knowledge and experience to advise you with only one thing in mind: making meals delicious, honest and fascinating.

Consumers choose more often for a day without meat and Dalco can enable you to respond more effectively to the desire of a growing group of people: vegetarians and vegans. We are a manufacturing partner of a variety of large and small brands in the vegetarian and vegan sector. When developing a new vegetarian or vegan product together, we continue testing and developing until we have found the very best flavor and structure. Our innovative, outside-the-box thinking is not limited to what already exists and delivers surprising meat substitute products.

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