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Working at Dalco

Working at Dalco means working for an innovative and enthusiastic company. There is an open and relaxed atmosphere at Dalco in which everyone can be himself. People work with pleasure at all levels in the company, making delicious things. Our enthusiasm is very noticeable throughout the company. We are all prepared to go the extra mile. For our customers and for each other.


Some people have been at Dalco for more than 40 years. Over this time-span, they have grown along with the company. We notice that new employees often initiate a cross-fertilization process that serves to stimulate process development. Dalco employs people of many different nationalities and cultures in a harmonious mix. Together we create a pleasant, professional and productive working atmosphere.

7 reasons to work at Dalco

Every day we love going to work. Would you like to do that too? See below our 7 reasons for applying for a Dalco job today:

  1. Our enthusiasm is contagious. We seize every opportunity and embrace new ideas with open arms.
  2. New employees are quickly accepted into our group. Open communication is key. We have people with 23 different nationalities working for us. That is why we speak Dutch at the shop floor.
  3. Creativity is very important. Good ideas form the basis of our success.
  4. Freedom and responsibility is for everyone at Dalco. Each employee has his/her own tasks and responsibilities, allowing us to achieve the best results together.
  5. There are plenty of opportunities for growth. Everyone is encouraged and facilitated to develop and grow. We enable you to bring out the best in yourself.
  6. The product is ever-present in our company. We are close to the end product, making your input tangible.
  7. With us, you can gain experience in the sector. We will guide you and even arrange for extra training if you need it.

Do you have another reason why you would like to work with us?


Apply now and tell us about it.

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